Horse Pens 40

Very important information for all Triple Crown and Horse Pens 40 competitors! Please read thoroughly!


Horse Pens-40 is located in Steele, Alabama. See the official Horse Pens-40 website for complete directions to and information about the boulderfield/campground.

If you are a registered Triple Crown/Horse Pens-40 competitor, there is NO CAMPING FEE for SATURDAY NIGHT. Triple Crown will cover the cost of camping for Saturday. 

However, anyone planning to come/camp on Friday must cover the cost of camping for Friday night. If you come on Friday, please go directly to the Horse Pens-40 Store upon arrival to complete your camping registration and fee for Friday night.

There are several hotel options in nearby Gadsden, but we encourage everyone to support Horse Pens-40 by camping there on Friday/Saturday! It will be a ton of fun!

The Fast 50 is BACK - but, it’s the FAST 40!

Think you know the boulderfield?? We’ll put that to the test.

Here’s the detail:

Two person team - that’s right two people compete together. The individual format is out on this one. You must have a partner to compete. 

Each team will complete as many problems as their skin and muscles will allow in a 5 hour time limit. Colored circuits will be marked for each category (Tough, Fluff, Chuff) with points given for each completed problem. The winning team will either (a) finish entire circuit in least amount of time (b) if circuit is not completed winner determined by highest points (c) if tie then winner determined by time.

Credit for problems:

In order to receive credit for a problem only one member of the team has to complete it, BUT your partner must be spotting and present for the ascent. You are not allowed to split up and travel throughout the park completing problems individually. Competitors climbing without team member will be disqualified.

The circuit:

Each circuit will be marked with colored tape. You will not have a map. Problems will be numbered from 1 (at the Ten Pins area in the front of the park) to 40 at the Lookout Point (in the back of the park) in a linear order.


Spectators are welcome to attend this event. The price for spectators is $20/person. However, spectators will NOT be allowed to climb on the day of the event.

Under 18 Competitors

If you are under 18 years old you MUST download the Horse Pens-40 waiver (PDF) and have a parent fill it out. You must then bring it with you to the check-in at Horse Pens on the day of the competition. See our website for more information.


NO dogs are allowed at Horse Pens-40! Please be respectful of the land-owners and leave your animals at home! 


There is ample parking at the campground/boulderfield. However, PLEASE carpool when possible. You must park outside the gate. Look for signage and volunteers showing you where to park. 

FREE BEER (21+) Friday and Saturday Night

Sponsored by FIRST AVENUE ROCKS! Help us reduce our waste! Please bring a container. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CONTAINER there will be cups for sale for $1.  


Important note: Early competitor packet pick-up begins at 5:00 pm CST on Friday November 1 (afternoon/evening before the comp). Pre-registration will end at 7pm CST. Competitors will be able to PICK UP THEIR COMPETITION PACKET AND T-SHIRT at this time. This will give everyone a chance to look at the competition map, AND it will speed up the “process” on Saturday morning (more climbing time!).

We’ll also have vintage event tees for sale!

The morning of the event (Saturday, November 2) you will need to be at Horse Pens-40 NO LATER than 7:00 am to check-in. We will not accept registrations after 9:00 am. Check-in will take place outside the gate entrance to the park on Saturday morning. REMEMBER WE ARE ON CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.

Marmot is the Presenting Sponsor for the 2013 Triple Crown!

Drop by the Marmot booth to pick up a raffle ticket for some FANTASTIC Marmot gear! Proceeds from the raffle tickets will benefit the Southeastern Climbers’ Coalition! Marmot was one of the founding sponsors of the Triple Crown! Without their ongoing support, this event would not be possible. Come by the booth, score a chance at a great prize and let these guys know how much you appreciate their support of the Triple Crown and your climbing access!

Breakfast Saturday Morning—Special thanks to both Five Ten and Alabama Outdoors!

Five Ten will provide their annual fruit and bagel breakfast— Alabama Outdoors will provide the all important coffee! As well as additional breakfast fixins! AO will also be raffling gear on Saturday. Proceeds will support the purchase of the Hospital Boulders!

Other Points of Interest

  • Make sure to check out for up-to-date information, articles, and great pictures from each of the competition venues in our galleries.
  • You will be given one free t-shirt the morning of the event (or at pre-registration) as supply allows. There will also be some “old school tees” from years past too for sale!
  • There will be concessions/food available for purchase throughout the event - so bring cash.
  • All climbers are responsible for their own camping/hotel arrangements on Friday. We encourage folks to camp at HP-40 on Friday (and Saturday)—please visit the HP-40 website for details/cost of camping.
  • A spectator armband is $20 per person and covers spectators from anytime Saturday until sundown Sunday. If your armband is lost, a new one must be purchased in order to remain in the park. SPECTATORS CANNOT CLIMB.
  • Dinner will be available for purchase from food vendors and the Horse Pens-40 restaurant—the cost will vary depending on the meal that you choose.
  • There will be an SCC raffle after the competition. Sign up and take a chance on walking away with even more booty, and support "the cause" at the same time.
  • There will also be an opportunity to join the Southeastern Climbers' Coalition Yearly membership is just $25. Make it your goal to become proactive this year. See the SCC website for more information at
  • The AWARDS CEREMONY will begin immediately after dinner. There will be tons of door prizes! So if you didn't do so good at the comp don't miss it. You could still win BIG!

This event will be a ton of fun. We hope everyone has a safe trip and that you find your visit with us to be a good and memorable one.

Keep checking the website for updates as well. New photos and competition results will be posted on the Triple Crown website shortly after the event.